Finding support from a range of practitioners and approaches has many advantages. Here are some people that I have benefited from working with:

Body Therapy

Massage Therapy: Clare Baker and Lucy Dunleavy are massage therapists in Brighton and Hove specialising in Sports, Pregnancy and Myofascial bodywork

Shiatsu: Matt Woods is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner in Brighton

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Genevieve Picquart is a body oriented Psychotherapist in Hove

In addition to the BACP and UKCP websites, a range of Sussex based therapists can be found at Sussex Counselling

Movement & Physical Training

Personal Training: Matt Dunn is a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove

GMB offer online training and workshops specialising in movement, as an example, I did their Movement Multivitamin course.

Yoga:  Dot BowenGary Carter and Marc Woolford are all Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers in Brighton & Lewes. Scaravelli is a style of yoga that emphasises fluidity of movement which works particularly well with Craniosacral Therapy