Steve Bonnelucq-Lane

Sussex Craniosacral & Trauma Therapist
Brighton, Haywards Heath & Lewes
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About Steve Bonnelucq-Lane, Craniosacral & Trauma Therapist

I work with people who are living with the after effects of stressful, painful and traumatic experiences. My approach combines touch and body awareness to support a deeper physical presence so they can feel more comfortable in their own skin.

How stress is held varies with each individual and context. During periods of high stress, it’s common to feel physically and emotionally overwhelmed. Learning to negotiate, accept and eventually welcome a wider range of sensations, feelings and emotions offers more choice in how to interact with the world around us. Meeting ourselves in this way opens the door to resilience and healing so that life can be experienced more fully.

Since 2003, I have practiced in private clinics across Sussex including 12 years in a residential hospital within the NHS. I have trained extensively in Craniosacral Therapy and several approaches focussing on trauma, pain and stress.

As a senior tutor for Body Intelligence Training, I teach Craniosacral Therapy to students internationally.


Sussex Craniosacral & Trauma Therapy Clinics in Brighton, Lewes and Haywards Heath

People come for Craniosacral Therapy as part of their recovery from stress, trauma and pain and also to support their wellbeing. My main experience is in working with stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), panic attacks, post surgery/dental care (particularly following anaesthesia) and in supporting symptoms & side effects in long-term illness.

I practice from clinics across East Sussex and West Sussex in Brighton, Haywards Heath and Lewes. The clinics are easy to access from the surrounding areas of Hove, Shoreham by Sea, Portslade, Seaford, Newhaven, Eastourne, Uckfield, Worthing, Crawley, Burgess Hill, Hassocks and the villages of Mid Sussex.

NB: The sessions I offer are in complementary therapy and are not a substitute for medical care. If you are concerned about your health please also contact your GP.



Upcoming Craniosacral Therapy Seminars
Teaching for Body Intelligence Training 

Craniosacral Therapy Training - Berlin, Germany

Craniosacral Therapy Training - Berlin, Germany

Body Intelligence - Seminar 9
Deepening the Relational Field

4th-8th September 2019
Berlin, Germany

Explores the antenatal, birth and early life experience. Develops further clinical skills in working with trauma and pain.

Craniosacral Therapy Training - Edinburgh, Scotland

Craniosacral Therapy Training - Edinburgh, Scotland

Body Intelligence - Seminar 5

11th-15th September 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland

Explores holding the cranial and pelvic bones considering the affects of the birth process and how this unfolds across the lifespan.

Body Intelligence - Seminar 1
Relational Touch

2nd-6th October 2019
Warsaw, Poland

Appreciating the relational nature of touch and the deep changes expressed throughout our being when this is negotiated skilfully. An opportunity to learn the foundations of BCST that underpin the rest of the training.


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